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JANUARY, 23, 24, 25__7:30pm
JANUARY, 26__4pm

Studio Hydro-Québec - Monument-National
Thierry Huard

Length : 50 minutes
Discussion with the audience : Friday, January 25
Box Office

Creation by Thierry Huard in collaboration with
Performers: Louis-Elyan Martin, Nicolas Patry
Composer: Antoine Berthiaume
Lighting designer: Paul Chambers
Costumes : Thierry Huard

Created in residency at Studio 303 and L'École de danse contemporaine

“While many delight in the idea of abandonment […], it is also possible in the fusion of bodies to recognize a form of annihilation.” - Ester Perel

There was a desire to take a fresh look from an androgynous, mythical and psychophysical viewpoint. Camouflaged by their costumes, two dancers in an instinctive rapport with one another, intertwine, push away and keel over. Moving from sexual to sexless. Even as they create an imaginary mythology of sentimental love, the story evolves in decrescendo. Passes from supernaturel to earthbound.




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